The Maids

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October 11, 2015
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October 13, 2015

The Maids

Those girls do worship me, but their housekeeping is the most extraordinary combination of luxury and filth

The Maids

Two servants nightly engage in a secret and savage ceremony of revenge until the ritual becomes reality.

Translated by Bernard Frechtman, this dark and disturbing tale by the legendary and controversial French playwright, Jean Genet, was inspired by the notorious and savage murder in Le Mans in 1933 of two, middle-class women by their maids and caused a scandal when it opened in Paris in 1947 for its stark portrayal of seething working class discontent.

The Riverfront Newport 13 to 16 June 2012

Torch Theatre Milford Haven 20 to 23 June 2012

A THEATR PENA co-production with THE RIVERFRONT in association with the TORCH THEATRE

By arrangement with Rosica Colin Limited

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

Nominated for Theatre Critics in Wales Best Director Award, Erica Eirian

“Commanding the stage throughout the performance, their chemistry is staggering, the pacing of the play is perfect - and pauses filled with incredible emotion. The audience were mesmerised.” Theatre Wales

“The atmosphere created by the accordion and mezzo soprano Buddug Verona James is haunting and highly emotional. Opening the play, Buddug’s beautiful voice captures the essence of the anger, despair and pain laid out by the cast.” Buzz Magazine

“The Maids” makes for an eerie, unsettling evening which makes it true to its author. Theatr Pena is a testament of will and aspiration to add something new to theatre in Wales.” Theatre Wales

“Traditionally the three characters are played by a younger cast but in casting older women director Erica Eirian has added a richer and far darker feel to the piece. Whereas a younger cast might give hope for the future, here there is strength of character, devotion to each other and their imagined task as Rees and Pritchard use their depth of experience to drive home the despair that even hope has gone now servitude has taken their whole lives. Unable to live individual lives as mother or lover the only viable escape is death.” Buzz Magazine -

“In the closing moments of the play Olwen Rees standing alone on the stage produces such a powerful charge of emotion, as great a demonstration of the art of acting as anyone could ever wish to see.” Theatre Wales

Claire: Christine Pritchard

Solange: Olwen Rees

Madame: Rosamund Shelley

Singer: Buddug Verona James
Musician: Joe Corbett

Director: Erica Eirian
Designer: Saz Moir
Lighting Designer: Kay Haynes
Musical Directors: Joe Corbett and Buddug Verona James

Fight Director: Kevin McCurdy

Assistant Director: Hannah O’Leary

Stage Manager: Jim Mansel

Production Management: Chris Davies assisted by Helen Pickering (courtesy of The Riverfront) and Jim Mansel

Hair and Make-Up Consultant: Cissian Rees

Costume Maker: Lara Bradbeer

Set Construction: Torch Workshop

Additional Carpentry: Ian Buchanan, Gwion Rowlands and Jim Mansel

Graphic Designer: Holly McCarthy

Production Photography: Saz Moir and Nicolas Young

Finance Assistant: Anna Fonge

Project Management: Erica Eirian