The Killing of Sister George

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October 10, 2015
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The Killing of Sister George

They are going to murder me…!

Sister George

It’s 1965, a BBC radio soap is losing listeners, the axe is about to fall and its most popular character is about to face her own personal apocalypse.

The Killing of Sister George is Frank Marcus’s 1965 ground-breaking comedy drama and is a poignant and darkly funny exploration of emotional dependence and the gap between public appearance and private reality.

The Riverfront Newport 5 to 8 March 2014

Torch Theatre Milford Haven 12 to 15 March 2014

Galeri Caernarfon 18 March 2014

By arrangement with Casarotto Ramsay and Associates Limited

A THEATR PENA co-production with THE RIVERFRONT in association with the TORCH THEATRE

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

Nominated for Theatre Critics in Wales Best Designer Award, Holly McCarthy

“The Killing of Sister George” is a revival of the greatest interest. Theatre across Wales is a landscape filled with a hundred lovingly nurtured different vistas and perspectives. Theatr Pena is a crucial part of that landscape.”

“Christine Pritchard and Hannah O’Leary respectively take on the complex and shifting roles of June and Alice, displaying diverse aspects of a relationship that displays extremes from love to abuse. The relationship of the characters was of course displayed to the total extreme in the film version of this production, but as this stage version reveals has much more subtlety and depth, displayed to perfection by the aforementioned actresses.”

“The dark drama has opened at The Riverfront in Newport and features some towering performances... Christine Pritchard gives a towering performance as Sister George, holding our attention with moments of hilarity balanced with shocking spitefulness and ultimately despair...Mrs Mercy Croft is deftly played by Rosamund Shelley to create another character who at first seems a straightforward cypher but slowly reveals dark layers... In the hands of director Erica Eirian, the play rises above the sensationalism that has always surrounded it.”

June Buckridge: Christine Pritchard

Alice McNaught: Hannah O’Leary

Mrs Mercy Croft: Rosamund Shelley

Madame Xenia: Llinos Daniel

Director: Erica Eirian
Designer: Holly McCarthy
Lighting Designer: Ian Buchanan
Sound Designer: Gruffydd Johnston

Production Manager: Ian Buchanan
Stage Manager: Sarah Morgan

Technician: Bob Condick (courtesy of The Riverfront)

Set Construction: Torch Workshop

Graphic Designer and Production Photography: Holly McCarthy

Project and Finance Management: Erica Eirian