Mother Tongue

War Songs
October 12, 2015
Merched Yn Bennaf
October 14, 2015

Mother Tongue

What else do we share, but being women?

Marged by Gillian Clark

As the performers sip tea and partake of the odd Welsh cake, they share with us the voices of: GILLIAN CLARKE, KATHY MILES, PENNY WINDSOR, SARAH JANE REES, GWYNETH LEWIS, MENNA ELFYN, HILARY LLYWELYN WILLIAMS, JENNY SULLIVAN, ALICE GRAY JONES and ANGHARAD PRICE in this engaging celebration of the spirit and creativity of Welsh women writers.

Compiled and directed by EIRY THOMAS these readings from the poetry, prose and plays of Welsh women writers, were first performed by: CHRISTINE PRITCHARD, OLWEN REES CLER STEPHENS EIRY THOMAS in The Riverfront Studio on Wednesday 9th May 2012
Directed by Eiry Thomas