In Development: Blood Wedding

To keep quiet and burn is the greatest punishment
we can heap upon ourselves.

Blood Wedding

Summer 2018 Blood Wedding Research and Development Work in Progress Performance


In 2009 Theatr Pena staged in The Riverfront, Newport the Company’s first production, THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA by the great 20th century Spanish playwright, poet and revolutionary artist, Federico Garcia Lorca.

In autumn 2019 we intend to celebrate our tenth birthday with a return to Spain’s best known playwright and stage an ambitious English language production of Lorca’s poetic tragedy, BLOOD WEDDING.

Combining poetic text, live classical guitar, song, dance and a design influenced by surrealist art, Theatr Pena’s ensemble-driven, visually and aurally compelling production of this timeless story of star crossed lovers, will offer audiences of all ages a rich theatrical experience.

Translated by Gwynne Edwards (former Professor of Spanish at University Wales, Aberystwyth and a specialist in Spanish theatre and cinema), BLOOD WEDDING will be co-production between Theatr Pena and Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea in partnership with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Galeri, Caernarfon and, agreed in principle, The Riverfront, Newport where our ten year journey began.

Director: Erica Eirian
Designer: Holly McCarthy
Lighting Designer: Kay Haynes
Composer: Peter Knight
Choreographer: Caroline Lamb
Musician: Timothy Tate
Executive and Creative Producer:Ceri James

The cast will include, subject to their availability, the following Theatr Pena Company Members:

Llinos Daniel
Buddug Verona James
Hannah O’Leary
Christine Pritchard
Olwen Rees
Rosamund Shelley
Clêr Stephens
Eiry Thomas

and some of the actors we have worked with in the past and others who are new to the Company.

By arrangement with Herederos de Federico Garcia Lorca and Gwynne Edwards

Keep in touch for news ….!

Summer 2018 Research and Development Project

Our summer 2018 R&D project, supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Curo Advisers Limited, gave us the opportunity to explore, develop and test our ideas for our proposed 2019 production of this great European classic.

With thanks to the summer 2018 R&D Company

Director: Erica Eirian
Composer: Peter Knight
Choreographer: Caroline Lamb
Deputy Choreographer & Workshop Facilitator: Gemma Prangle
Llinos Daniel
Cêt Haf
Buddug Verona James
Alex Parsons Marshall
Rhys Meredith
Hannah O’Leary
Gemma Prangle
Rosamund Shelley
Technician & Lighting Designer: Jon Cox
Production Engagement Development: Megan Merrett
Production Marketing Development: Stella Patrick
Executive and Creative Producer: Ceri James